Prospecting is the process of identifying people or companies who are likely to buy a product or service.

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How does prospecting work?

The goal of the prospecting is to lead suitable new users to the desired website or landing page of the advertiser. These are users who have not yet had any contact with the website. Within the framework of prospecting, these users must be identified using a target group profile. The clearly defined characteristics of the target group can thus be compared with the cookie information of the demand site platforms. Ad Impressions can be specifically targeted for matching characteristics. A similar consumption behavior is also to be expected due to the agreement.

In the case of prospecting, it is therefore important to always have current target group information in order to create a suitable target group profile, which is not obsolete. Prospecting providers that have real-time data as well as first-party data sets have an advantage here since the data for target group profiles are always up-to-date. For data that is no longer up-to-date, there is a risk that ad impressions will be offered, for which the user is no longer relevant to the advertised product.

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The difference between prospecting and retargeting

The basic difference between prospecting and retargeting is the user's website visit. The goal of prospecting is to bring new, qualified users to the advertiser's website. Thus, these users had no previous contact with the website. In retargeting, on the other hand, users are addressed who already were on the advertiser's website and thus have stored the corresponding data and information in the cookie. This means that all advertising activities that precede a visit to the site include the prospecting and all contacts after the first visit of the user on the advertiser's website as retargeting.

The relationship between prospecting and retargeting

Prospecting is the basis for successful retargeting. Without the prospecting, the advertiser would always approach the already known Internet users with their advertising activities, since no new traffic is generated. The lack of prospecting reduces the group of users, which the advertiser actually wants to address with his retargeting measures. It is therefore useful to use a combination of the two measures in order to approach new users with the prospecting and then reiterate the awareness of the website or landing page the corresponding retargeting measures.