InfiniAD GmbH uses its own marketing technologies to market to several thousand customers across Europe.

Animiertes Bürogebäude

The InfiniAD GmbH was founded in 2010 and belongs to the Simon Holding GmbH. Our company is located in the Pied Piper city of Hamelin, but we also operate internationally - in Poland, Spain, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of services, including financial, travel, insurance and price (shopping) comparison pages. Furthermore, InfiniAD GmbH has its own freemailing service with

The exact tasks of InfiniAD GmbH:

Our agency is your reliable partner for domain & affiliate marketing. Domain Marketing is a special form of online marketing. If website aim to be found on the Internet, they should have a good domain (meaning a meaningful website name and a meaningful address), which ideally matches the keyword that users search for.

Affiliate Marketing is an online collaboration between an advertiser and a website operator. The product provider provides advertisements that the sales partner (the so-called affiliate) uses on his websites. This enables him to market his goods through the website of the sales partner. Thus, both parties benefit from the sale of the advertised products because the affiliate is usually involved in commissions on the profits of the items sold.

In national and international affiliate business, we work with well-known networks such as Zanox, Adcell, TradeDoubler and various other consumer portals.

In addition, the programatic advertising (the fully automated and personalized purchase and sale of advertising space in real time) is one of our main tasks. In this case, advertising banners tailored specifically to the user are provided on the basis of the present user data.