Targeted advertising

Nowadays, the Internet is an indispensable means of advertising. There are countless possibilities, from banner advertising to e-mail advertising to various forms of targeting.

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Prospecting is a part of the target market within digital marketing. With the help of the prospecting, users are to be guided to a direct landing page or a website of an advertiser, in order to generate qualified traffic, which can be used for the subsequent retargeting.

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We use the ReTargeting technology - an online marketing process, often referred to as "remarketing". With this strategy, a user of a website or an online shop is marked, in order to present him a targeted advertising of the that shop on other sites and to draw him back to the shop. This increases the advertising relevance as well as the click and conversion rate (such as the order rate).

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Price comparison

This procedure selects users who search for specific product on the Internet. This is done through our ReSearch-technology, where the user's interests are stored by means of cookies. They are then brought into contact with our price comparison advertising campaigns on various websites.

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The ReSearch process is a special form of our marketing technology. Marketing research is used to systematically collect, process, analyze, and interpret data about markets and the possibilities of market influencing. This is to gain information for marketing decisions. In addition, the efficiency of advertising is to be improved.

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SocialTargeting - also known as social media targeting - is the latest form of personalized advertising. This process makes it possible to further define the target groups for advertising on the basis of the user behavior on social networks, so that they are then only displayed specifically for them.

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